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Welcome From the Owners,


We are Pine Bluff's premier early childhood facility, which offers our students a one-of-a-kind learning experience that integrates cutting edge technology, research-based curriculum, and blends those attributes with diverse enrichment programs. The primary goal of our center is to provide exceptional early childhood education in an environment that stimulates learning and fosters creativity.


At The Audubon School, our staff is comprised of dedicated members of the local Pine Bluff community who believe in the potential of every child who walks through our door. Each of our staff will play an integral role in assisting us to build an amazing early childhood academy that will promote each child’s desire to be life-long learners. 


Our Mission Statement: The Audubon School is committed to providing high quality and innovative early childhood education for the development of young minds.


Programs Offered:

The Early Beginners 1 Program (6 wks.-6M)

The Early Beginners 2 Program (6M-17M)

The Toddler Program (18M- 2 Yrs.)

The Pre-K 2 Program (2 Yrs.)

The Pre-K 3 Program (3 Yrs.)

The Pre-K 4/5 Program (4 Yrs. - 5 Yrs.)​


Non-Traditional Programs Offered:

Night Care (up to 10yrs): Services during weekdays from 6pm to 7am

Weekend Care (up to 10yrs)

We strive to provide the most beneficial learning environment by leveraging cutting edge technology and traditional methods of education. There are many facets to our enrichment programs that combine to make the Audubon School the premier educational learning academy in the Pine Bluff area, and here are just a few.

  • All children ages three and up have access to Spanish instruction. The 3 & 4 year old classes will participate in a weekly introduction to Spanish with fun games, songs, and activities.

  • Children ages 18 months and older are able to participate in our unique Art Program.

    • Our visual arts program focuses on teaching the production of art, the appreciation of art in our history and culture, the critical assessment of art, and the connections between the various disciplines. 

  • We offer weekly music lessons, and bi-weekly movement classes.

  • We provide access to other important enrichment activities such as seasonal gardening instruction.

  • We provide healthy meals and nutritious snacks. 

  • The Audubon School seeks to be very involved in the community and foster the spirit of volunteerism in our children with many fundraising events.

  • The Audubon School is not just about watching over children while parents are working. The educational development of our students is the highest priority, and the program was built around this goal.

  • We use research-based curriculums that aim to take advantage of the essential window of opportunity in early childhood development (the first four years of a child's life) when each sensory experience--what a child sees, hears, touches, tastes, and smells--creates connections (synapses) between brain cells. Repeated experiences solidify these connections and promote understanding.

  • We are independently owned and are able to attract and retain the most qualified and caring instructors by offering a higher salary.



Ka-Ron Smith                                                                                                                 
​Chief Executive Officer

Our Vision

It is was our vision to develop an early childhood educational facility that will change the landscape of the city producing young students who enter kindergarten with an educational jump start and a thirst to learn more.


These are the children who will have the confidence embedded within themselves by a good educational foundation to achieve their goals and become incumbent pillars of our community.

Our History

The Audubon School formed its LLC on December 11th, 2015, and on July 28th, 2017, we entered into an agreement with Ratliff Brothers, LLC to lease their facility starting July 28th, 2017, and plan to begin childcare center operations in September 2017


Our management team has over 35 years of experience in successfully operating a large commercial early childhood center. 


The Audubon School, LLC will not only make available advanced academic experiences, but will also provide foreign language and immersion, several enrichment programs and fresh nutritional meals.



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